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GaamUP Infra is your trusted construction material supplier in Navi Mumbai. We provide top-quality building materials at best prices. With a proven track record of reliability and prompt delivery, count on us for all your construction needs.

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Get High Quality Construction Raw Materials

As the leading raw material supplier in Navi Mumbai, GaamUP Infra offers high-quality construction raw materials. Discover our wide range of premium products to elevate your construction projects.


Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete is one of the most commonly used products for construction purposes.

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The strength, resistance and durability offered by steel makes it the most sought after in the construction industry, be it the construction of bridges, industrial sheds, or residential buildings.

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One major use of metals in the construction space is that it offers strength, another advantage is that they can be given desired shape to get beautiful and custom designed structures to enhance the overall look.

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At GaamUP Infra, we source and supply only the best quality cement, one which is long lasting, takes less settling time and develops fewer cracks over a period of time.

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Aggregates are mixed in cement or other adhesives to form concrete. Aggregates provide strength and stability to the concrete.

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Sand is one of the most essential materials used in the construction industry. Sand is also used in preparing concrete mix along with cement and aggregates.

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All types of construction require safe covering for protection from wind, rain, sunlight, etc. A roof is a structural covering that protects the buildings and at the same time also provides ventilation.

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Construction Eqipments

Multiple processes undergo during any construction work. These processes are different and thus require different kinds of equipment. For example, concrete mixer, crane, hand cart, loaders, pavers, excavators, etc.

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Mr. Bothra

Laxmi Construction

Excellent Construction Products and Exceptional Service by the GaamUP Infra Team

Dawange & Chaudhari Associate

The team perfectly understood our vision behind the project and provided us with best quality products and that too in time to finish the project.

Dharmesh Khanvilkar

Saish Enterprise, Dombivli

So our team was worried as we urgently required the roofing to be completed before rain hit the site. The GaamUP Infra team came to our reduce, they coordinated with us right from the beginning to the end.

Mumtaj Altaf Ansari

Bright Construction, Bhiwandi

Highly recommend them for good quality construction materials. Look no further. My best wishes to the team.

Hari Om Construction

GaamUP Infra bas been the critical partner for us for all our landmark project and with each project our bond and mutual respect has just increased. They are the best and most professional.

Our Partners

Our Esteemed Partners who have trusted GaamUP Infra for undertaking their projects. With them we are setting newer landmarks in the construction Industry.