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Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete is one of the most commonly used products for construction purposes. Our ready mix concrete is factory manufactured, based on the specific requirement and then delivered at the required site right on time. With the best quality ready mix concrete and construction materials GaamUP Infra is regarded as the best ready mix concrete suppliers in mumbai.


M10 | M15 | M20 | M25 | M30 | M35 | M40 M45 | M50 | M55 | M60 | M70 | All Type Mivan Early Strength Concrete | Self Compacting Concrete Stamping Concrete | Colour Concrete etc..


ACC | Ultratech | RDC | Concretech | Nuvoco


As the leading steel supplier in navi mumbai we provide premium steels for all types of construction use. The strength, resistance and durability offered by steel makes it the most sought after in the construction industry, be it the construction of bridges, industrial sheds, or residential buildings.

We supply premium quality steel that is durable & corrosion-free.


Light Gauge Steel | Structural Steel | Mild Steel Plain Carbon Steel | Rebar Steel | All Type Mivan Stamping Concrete | Colour Concrete


JSW | Tata | Sail | Essar | Jindal | Kamdhenu | Surya


The strength, One major use of metals in the construction space is that it offers strength, another advantage is that they can be given desired shape to get beautiful & custom designed structures to enhance the overall look.


GaamUP Infra: Your Trusted Aggregate Supplier in Navi Mumbai. We deliver high-quality aggregates for construction projects, ensuring strength and durability. Contact us for reliable, cost-effective solutions.

All of these are of superior quality so that you get the best possible result.


At GaamUP Infra, we're your trusted cement supplier in Mumbai. We source & supply only the best quality cement, one which is long lasting, takes less settling time & develops fewer cracks over a period of time.

Laying of Floors, Plastering, Construction Pillars, making of Bridges, Tunnels, Etc. Cement finds its usage in all of this.

Based on the setting time required, we have a diverse range of cement available for residential as well as commercial construction projects.


Sand is one of the most essential materials used in the construction industry. Sand is also used in preparing concrete mix along with cement and aggregates.

All of these are of superior quality so that you get the best possible result.


All types of construction require safe covering for protection from wind, rain, sunlight etc.

Considering the usage of roof, we supply different kinds of roof materials that are waterproof, thermally insulated, fire-resistant & survive the test of time.

As one of the leading roof suppliers in Mumbai, we specialise in providing top-quality roofing solutions that meet and exceed your construction needs.

Construction Equipments

Multiple processes undergo during any construction work. These processes are different and thus require different kinds of equipment. For example, concrete mixer, crane, hand cart, loaders, pavers, excavators, etc.

We at GaamUP Infra make this process smooth by supplying the equipment which are sturdy, compact, long-lasting & also cost-effective.

JCB | Loader | Concrete Boom Pump | Mobile Crane